What Our Gym Offers

Top-Rated Fitness Programs In Milwaukee

In Person Training

Our in-person training in Milwaukee offers individualized programming and dedicated coaching, tailored to your specific goals. Enjoy full gym access, a max 5:1 client-coach ratio for personalized attention, educational training, and a supportive community atmosphere

Treatment / Manual Therapy

Training or rehabilitation in Milwaukee without proper soft tissue work will only get you so far along your road to performance enhancement and/or recovery. The combination of therapeutic treatment with proper training helps enhance performance, movement, recovery, and health outcomes

Proteus Motion Training

Proteus Motion is a cutting-edge training and assessment tool providing athletes and coaches with in-depth performance analytics. It measures an athlete’s strength and power across various sport-specific movements, offering detailed reports that include sport-specific analytics, force-velocity profiles, injury risk assessments, and tailored training recommendations.

Online Training

Armored Athlete Online Training delivers our Armored Athlete coaches right to your pocket along with our one-of-a-kind training programs to help those outside of the Milwaukee area unlock their full potential.

Worksite Wellness

Our worksite wellness in Milwaukee specializes in providing solutions centered around creating efficient, ergonomic worksites to help reduce strain, maximize productivity and improve employee health through top of the line movement education/training, pre-employment health screenings, injury assessments, and soft-tissue treatments.

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